Carol Costenbader

Carol Costenbader, in honor of her three children, Skip, Kay and Rawls symbols of love, faith, peace, dedicated May 11, 1980

Kathleen Cole

Kathleen Cole, in memory of her son, Thomas Eugene Cole, dedicated May, 1990 Archangel Michael on horseback [or winged St. George, see notes] completed after Kathleen’s death by Marianne Zabriskie

Emily Carr

Emily Carr, in honor of her mother-in-law, Catherine Creighton Carr (1893-1954) “Suffer the Little Children” [Mark 10:14] signed ESC’85

Joyce Bryant

Joyce Bryant, flute and detail from All Souls transept window, dedicated in 1980. Dr. Bryant, who passed away in 2016, was a long-time choir member, flute soloist and music professor.

Lee Capiello

Lee Capiello, in honor of her mother who lived in Florida and loved orange blossoms dedicated May 13, 1979

Jean Ballard

Jean Ballard, in honor of Florence Marsh, Marianne Zabriskie’s mother “The Lord is my Shepherd” with hands holding lamb dedicated May 13, 1990

Jean Ballard

Jean Ballard (attributed to) The initial at the bottom is MJS. Image is taken from the drawing by Albrecht Dürer that he called simply “Hands.”

Ted Ahl

This kneeler based on a Richard Morris tile design shows a grapevine with clusters of grapes and grape leaves with the words in Swedish :  Jag är det sanna vinträdet—I am the True Vine,  John 15:1.  The kneeler honors my father, Ernst Teodor Ahl,  his sister, Anna, and his two brothers, John and Gustav, half of the family that came to this country from Sweden early in the last century.  They are remembered as critical contributors to my spiritual journey which has led me to All Souls and my life in this community.  I worked the kneeler in wool, silk and metallic threads.