Reverend Thomas Murphy

A Letter from The Rev. Canon Thomas Murphy

Dear All Souls, It must have been so painful. That first sermon. Sure, everyone knew me as the former Camp Henry counselor, the youth guy, and the children’s minister. But then, there I was with a white … Read More

Mr. Smith

Doug Smith was a member of the Episcopal Church where I grew up. Mr. Smith, as I called him back then, had many admirable qualities. He was kind, taught Sunday School, and helped chair the outreach committee. … Read More

A New Hermeneutic

In my office I have an icon of the famous Christ Pantocrator that stares at me from the bookcase across from my desk.  As a person whose vocation involves quite a bit of writing, I spend quite a bit … Read More

Life Before Fall

Here we go again. The first hint of fall is in the air. Footballis starting up. Children are back to school. Buses are on the road just ready to stop and drop off children (when you are already late). … Read More

Spiritual Ruts

To look at him, one would not guess he was a philosopher.Dressed in light blue cover-all, his name Dwayne embroidered over his left pocket shirt pocket, standing next to our non-working air conditioning … Read More


​My family thrives on stories—the time that Momdestroyed all the smoke detectors in the house with a hammer to stop the beeping—the time dad packed everything for the beach but his clothes—the time that … Read More


Why do you go to church?I can’t answer this question for you. It could be a lot of reasons. It could be as simple as something you have done since childhood, no different than not allowing the ketchup … Read More