Notes from the Atrium

Lent for Children

For children, Lent comes too soon. We have just celebrated the joy of Christmas and Epiphany! So, how do we invite a child into the reality and discipline of Lent while maintaining the joy of the previous … Read More

Purple and Blue, Red, Green and White

​“Purple and Blue, Red, Green and White are the colors of theyear. Purple and Blue, Red, Green and White remind us of the light.” As the leaves begin to change color, your children are exploring the church … Read More


​As we end our summer and enter these new days of autumn we get a glimpse of new beginnings. As families prepare for the first days of a new year of school, I am reminded of the hope wrapped up in these … Read More

From the Children

As we enter into summer, I think back to the engaging conversations held inChildren’s Formation. I offer you a few of the children’s gifts to the church. Some of the questions asked by children this year: … Read More

The Love of God

“I have loved thee with an everlasting love and with unfailing love have I drawn you to myself.” —Jeremiah 31:3 In Mustard Seed Preaching, Ann M. Garrido says,  Children have a deep desire and capacity … Read More

Finding Rest in the Atrium

​St Augustine wrote, “Thou hast made us for thyself, O Lord, and our hearts are restless until they find their rest in thee.”Walking into the atrium for 3-5 year olds on Sunday morning you can sense the … Read More

The Spiritual Life of Children

If you were to ask one of the children coming out of the atrium, “What did you do in Sunday school?” it is very likely they would shrug  their shoulders and say, “Nothing.” Recently one of the children, … Read More